The Nadis

For years I heard about Nadis, but they remained as mysterious as their name sounds. I would ask someone occasionally what they were but never got a good definition until I read Richard Gerber’s book Vibrational Medicine, (Bear & Co., Rochester, VT., 2001), arguably the standard classic in the field of subtle-energy therapies. The Reiki Training Manual I am working on now —Chapter on Energy Medicine— is excerpted for this post.

Most of us know what Chakras are (or we think we do). Ha! It’s not that simple. According to the widely accepted translation of this word from Sanscrit they are ‘whirling vortices of light’. Gerber describes these specialized energy centers in the body as “transformers to step down subtle energies and translate them into hormonal, nerve, and cellular activity in the physical body”(p171). I recommend reading his Chapter IV which details how things really work in the human energy system and discusses studies in support of the scientific existence of Chakras from as early as the late 1970’s. Translating theory into practice is not always easy, but here we are 30 years later with very little change in how contemporary medicine approaches dis-ease (this has little to do with the actual doctors, who are usually pretty enlightened, and more to do with governmental policies and regulations that support our health care, pharmaceutical and insurance systems).

In other words, the Etheric system that coexists with the physical system is still being widely ignored despite available information mostly from Physics in areas such as Electromagnetics (EM’s) and Squids (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) and the like. Healing potential and physical energy is not exactly a new topic. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine has a yearly conference in Colorado and a journal that presents a compendium of information of these topics: And by the way, the Reiki in Hospitals website is adding a research component that will critically evaluate and publish studies dealing with Reiki and healing.

It has been suggested that illness begins in the Auric layers of the human energy system and only later descends into the denser physical system. Of course there are predisposing factors, genetics, and frank contagion and injury. But we are not debating cause here, we are talking about the process of healing. When our immune system and the vibrational frequencies that correspond to all the aspects of our physical body are well supported and balanced, dis-ease is less likely to take hold and healing is more likely to occur through the natural support provided by our own system. This is one of the accepted principles of complementary medicine.

The subtle energy system is very responsive to changes in the environment. Something like strong winds or sudden change in temperature, dietary choices, or our emotional state can create a climate of change within us that affects the meridian system. This has formed the holistic approach in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries, and why methods such as Acupuncture are such effective all around tonifyers for climactic or emotional disruptions.

When healing is focused not only on the more obvious tangible physical manifestations but also directed to the underlying energetic system (of which the Nadis are a part) healing may well be more rapid and more deeply effective. This is the general principle behind the article Aspects of the Human Energy Field and the Healing Process, Rand and Settin, Reiki News Magazine, 2005http:/ Keep in mind that everything that is said about the human energy system pertains also to other living organisms in the Animal, Plant, Mineral Kingdoms (who respond much faster in terms of the resonances of their vibratory signatures than humans because there is less interference from our nemesis, the brain).

How does this work? The Nadis are energetic tendrils or threads that conduct Etheric energy from one Chakra to the other and from the Chakras to the nerve organ systems and other obvious internal aspects (organs, nervous system) of the physical body. It has been suggested that there are thousands of these energy conductors working in unison to enliven the life force (Chi) that constitute a vast network of feedback to the physical system. One could say this system parallels or underlies the nervous system except on a much more subjective level. The Nadis are so-called subtle bodies — meaning intangible— but many of us are able to sense and perceive energy in its subtle state, so they aren’t really so intangible after all, are they? This is why complementary health approaches such as Chakra Balancing —especially when combined with Reiki— are rapid and effective ways to harmonize the human energy system. It is important to make sure the Chakras are functioning because otherwise the Nadis can’t function very well. As we say, it is a multidimensional, top-down system.

The key concept in all of Complementary Medicine regardless of the discipline is Balance. Remember that balance does not mean equality or polarity. It refers to your unique individual balance that operates in conjunction with your inner guidance and your Higher Self. Experiment: find what works for you!

Lately the Nadis have been on my mind. I know that usually when a word, concept or issue persists in my awareness — as in I wake up thinking about it — it means there is a need for attention there. We had an early onset of winter here in the Rocky Mountains that threw off my hikes with Little Big Red the Reiki Dog, and this combined with a minor knee injury, and an emotional loss affected my physical/Etheric interface. So I gave myself a Chakra Alignment followed by a Reiki Aura Clearing, had some tea, and am going out despite the wind and cold and knee to walk the dog.

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  1. I agree, acupuncture is an amazing “energy medicine.” I’ve been using acupuncture most of my life, beginning when I was a professional ballet dancer for bursitis in my heel. Reiki and acupuncture are a great combination — my acupuncturist gets Reiki from me when we trade treatments.

  2. I am always amazed at the effects on Red the Reiki Dog. All I have to do is say the word Reiki and he lays down expectantly and heaves a big sigh.

  3. It is indeed more interesting to me all the time as I see the proof of how it keeps me on my authentic path through this life. And it isn’t always be the path I thought I would be taking!

  4. My brother was a TM teacher when the Maharishi was around, and now he is a level III Reiki practitioner. He finds that they have similar effects, possibly because so much of Reiki is spiritually guided meditation.

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