Reiki with Animals

Reiki with Animals applies hands on and intuitive evaluation methods for your pets, domestic and native species of animals. Enjoyable, relaxed interactive instruction given in the uses of Reiki for resolution of behavioral, psychological and training issues. The emotional and psychological issues of your animal companions are emphasized in this four hour workshop. You will also receive the special Animal Healing Attunement that enable you to extent the use of your Reiki for work with animals. This workshop provides education in multiple areas, touching upon not only physical benefits and how to achieve them, but also the animal’s mental and emotional makeup, as well as basics in approaching difficult situations safely and developing greater awareness of inter-species connection and relationships.

Dr. Settin was formerly a veterinary surgical technician in a large teaching hospital in New York City. She has lived with an assortment of critters, teaches animals how to deal with humans (see Willie the Reiki Master Cat), and teaches humans how to learn from animals (see Blog Reiki on the Farm).

Fee is $89.00, payment in full required prior to class.  Prerequisite is Reiki Level One, in any school of Usui Reiki.  For those who do not yet have Reiki training, this is taught on the preceding Saturday (see Events and Schedule) or as a combined weekend offering at a special reduced fee.