Reiki with Animals

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Reiki with Animals applies hands on and intuitive evaluation methods for your pets, domestic and native species of animals. Enjoyable, relaxed interactive instruction given in the uses of Reiki for resolution of behavioral, psychological and training issues. The emotional and psychological issues of your animal companions are emphasized in this four hour workshop. You will also receive the special Animal Healing Attunement that enable you to extent the use of your Reiki for work with animals. This workshop provides education in multiple areas,...

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Emotional Healing – Letting Go of the Past with Reiki.

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Positive experiences foster growth. Psychologically, it is not possible to progress when negative experiences or traumatic events are doing a constant re-run in our mind. This results in being in a more or less constant state of alert or inner conflict. A pessimistic thinking pattern grows up under these conditions that in research has been shown to decrease the body’s immune response, decrease longevity, promote depression, and interfere with intimacy. However, negative experiences are a necessary part of life sometimes. It’s just that it...

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Reiki on the Farm

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Reiki inspires many voyages in life. I locate a farm-sitting opportunity in a beautiful little outpost in Northern Colorado that is  home to Curly the Horse, Hazel the Mule, Daisy and Molly Brown the blue ribbon Donkeys, Josie and Jenka the Airdales, and Kiki the Cat. The farm-owners, Jesse and Ken, are a great couple from Santa Fe and this is their second straw bale house. I can tell on the phone that they are old hippies and that they have a good Feng Sui house. They can tell that I’m overly responsible and have taken care of a lot of...

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The Nadis

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For years I heard about Nadis, but they remained as mysterious as their name sounds. I would ask someone occasionally what they were but never got a good definition until I read Richard Gerber’s book Vibrational Medicine, (Bear & Co., Rochester, VT., 2001), arguably the standard classic in the field of subtle-energy therapies. The Reiki Training Manual I am working on now —Chapter on Energy Medicine— is excerpted for this post. Most of us know what Chakras are (or we think we do). Ha! It’s not that simple. According to the...

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Reiki Healing Dance and Sound, May 2007

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Back from presenting the Reiki Healing Dance™ Certification Course/Workshop in Evian les Bains, France, I am amazed at the energy of this wonderfully professional annualEuropean Reiki conference sponsored by Nita Mocanu of ReikiForum ( It is held every May; attend it and you will not be disappointed. There I met the most expert Reiki practitioners and teachers in an inspiring and informative atmosphere. Here, Reiki students are influenced by an immense Cedar of Lebanon outside the classroom. Future Avanti Healing Arts®...

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Colorado, May, 2007

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The mountains call to us. They are ancient beings, ancestors. Here in Colorado, in Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park), location for recent Avanti Healing Arts® Reiki Classes, there is sun three hundred and eight days a year. Coming after Maine at sea level and weather which, like the Pacific Northwest, involves vast quantities of rain, it is a welcome pleasure to be here above tree-line, contemplating 14,000 foot peaks, meditating in the thin pure air. There are elk everywhere and the spring flood makes an awesome sound as the Big...

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Nepal, November 2006

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Reiki in Nepal this year was offered enroute to and from the Annapurna Sanctuary, and the Master class finished up in Kathmandu. It was your usual unbelievably beautiful October mountain scenery, the friendly and open spirit of the people, and the land that called me back. When we travel, we do not see the real people unless we take the time to try to speak with them in their language. I treated myself to a much needed massage in a tiny mountain village by a very professional Nepali massage therapist who was deaf and non-speaking (and who...

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