Gendai Reiki Ho Training

GENDAI REIKI HO – A beautiful journey of discovery!

HIROSHI DOI, melded Japanese and Western Reiki traditions in Gendai Reiki Ho, following the creation by MIKAO USUI of Reiki as a way of life for joy, harmony and connection with Spirit in all aspects of being.

    “Just as we are made of vibrations, Reiki energy is also one of the vibrations that abound in the Universe. It is the energy of love, harmony and healing that resonates with human consciousness, or spiritual awareness. It is a gift from the Universe that leads us to health and happiness.”(Hiroshi Doi).

GENDAI REIKI HO TRAINING is offered on four levels from Shoden (Level 1) and Okuden Level 2) in small classes, through Shinpiden (Level 3 or “Master Practitioner” and Gokuikaiden (Shihan-Teacher), privately. This gives more intensive training and personalized experience, so that when ‘incarnational’ issues and patterns come up, they can be explored in depth. The teachings are done over time, to allow for integration of the Empowerments and a deeper understanding of the true spirit of Reiki.

Reiki Initiation (also called Empowerment or Attunement) give you access to new vibrational energetic frequencies that build upon one another. Reiki basics are learned in detail in the early “levels”; after this, if you choose to advance, you will find that Shinpiden deepens the process of healing and purification possible through Reiki Meditation. Spiritual transformation is accelerated through practice as you experience, contemplate and learn who you are in relation to your Higher Self.

In Zen, it is said that there are no short-cuts to enlightenment. Reiki does contain “method” and this is necessary, but the essence of Reiki is in the spiritual teachings. It is a way of life — a time-honored tradition— and this “mystery” simply cannot be known in one weekend. So, if you leave breathing room in between, you can absorb your meditation and practice. This way you will surely have the fulfilling, inspiring and life-enhancing experience you are seeking.

The focus of the advanced levels of Reiki is very simply the spiritual nature of Reiki, the meaning of which is embodied in the Reiki Precepts (Principles) and Meditations and in the transformation — always in concert with your Higher Self — that comes through heightened awareness. In Shinpiden you study and practice in-depth the spiritual level of Reiki that empowers you to the Mystery Teachings and the Dai Komyo. Only then are you prepared to learn to initiate others after completing Gokuikaiden.

Gendai Reiki Ho is for the student who desires a deep and abiding realization of what Reiki truly is, and an enlightened, transformative process of study. This school of Reiki is sought after by those interested in Japanese inspired instruction and who are branching out as Reiki Teachers from other lineages/schools. You receive expert personalized instruction, a solid foundation in Usui Reiki Ryoho, multiple Empowerments, and life-long mentorship with a highly regarded and experienced Reiki teacher.