Gendai Reiki Ho

Mikao Usui Sensei developed Reiki as a way of life for harmony and connection with Spirit facilitated by the waveform of Reiki in the mid-1920’s after years of disciplined study in Mystery Teachings. Hiroshi Doi, Japanese Reiki Teacher and member of the Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, brought this school of practicing Reiki to the West in the early 2000’s. “Just as we are made of vibrations, Reiki energy is also one of the vibrations that abound in the Universe. It is the energy of love, harmony and healing that resonates with human consciousness, or spiritual awareness. It is a gift from the Universe that leads us to health and happiness.” (Hiroshi Doi). 

Gendai Reiki Ho is offered on four levels of training from Shoden (level I) and Okuden (level II) through Shinpiden (level III or “master-practitioner” in so-called “western” schools of Reiki) and Gokuikaiden (level IV or “teacher”-Shihan). Reiki Empowerments (initiations to the Reiki energy or “attunements”) give access to new vibrational frequencies at each level. All the Reiki basics, with emphasis on meditations, are learned in detail in the early levels: Shoden is taught as a one day intensive with follow up; Okuden is taught in 3 spaced apart trainings with follow up and practice. As with anything, method and technique are necessary. But it is in the advanced levels that the spiritual meaning of Reiki is fully explored.

In Shinpiden, with empowerment into the DaiKoMyo and study of the ancient roots of Reiki and the Mystery Teachings, greater insight and awareness takes place. This takes time. The essence of Reiki is in the spiritual teachings. Should you be called to teach Reiki, only then in Gokuikaiden do you learn to pass on Empowerments to others, and Reiju which is literally a “gift of energy”.  In Zen, it is said that there are no shortcuts to enlightenment. Putting the work into practice in daily life is what makes it all happen!

All study of Reiki regardless of the particular school, is very simply the spiritual nature of Reiki, the meaning of which is embodied in the Reiki Precepts (“gainen”), the many meditations, and in the transformation – always in concert with your Higher Self – that comes through heightened awareness.

I teach other schools of Reiki too, in the more western, compressed way (such as the Usui-Tibetan Master Class 3-day intensive and Karuna Reiki®), because sometimes it is important for a person to quickly acquire Reiki. After all, that is how most of us first learned, and it worked! Reiki is a time honored  tradition that I love to teach, no matter what the “school” or “lineage”.

Gendai Reiki Ho is being sought after by those who wish greater familiarity with Japanese inspired Reiki, or who are branching out as Reiki Teachers from other lineages/schools. It is for the student who desires a deep and abiding realization of Reiki, and an enlightened, transformative process of study. This is why advanced Gendai Reiki Ho is taught at Avanti Healing Arts® over time as an apprenticeship, to allow for a deeper healing process and exploration of how Reiki integrates with one’s own life path. Here the experience of spiritual transformation can be truly savored through contemplation of who you are in relation to your Higher Self. It’s a great journey!