Gianna Settin

Gianna Settin, PhD, founder of Colorado-based Avanti Healing Arts®  is an inspirational workshop presenter, Reiki Master Teacher, Psychologist and Author specializing in natural methods of healing. Reiki Classes and Healing Sessions are directed toward helping others access their unique personal signature through vibrational energy, and to experience conscious contact with spirit through Nature. Dr. Settin is the Author of the new book Spirit of Trees, and of Reiki: The Mystery Teachings.

Meditation and prayer has been a constant in Gianna’s life. Creative elements from her background in the arts are also incorporated into her work, being from a family of musicians (her mother a concert cellist and her father an Italian born violin maker). Her first career as a professional ballet dancer in France later influenced her in the creation of  Reiki Healing Dance. As a former veterinary technician, Gianna does healing work with animals, and is an accomplished psychotherapist with decades of experience in private clinical psychology practice, mental health administration, and holistic health consultation. Her desire is to help others open their awareness through connection with Nature.