Reiki Healing Dance Training

REIKI HEALING DANCE™ –  Your Spirit Will Come Out Dancing!

Originated by Gianna Settin in 2004, and presented around the USA and Internationally, this workshop combines the amazing healing energy of Reiki with movement (‘Undo’ in Japanese) and creative expressive dance. Experience powerful purification, release of cellular memories, and restorative Reiki-inspired methods for self-healing through movement.

Reiki Healing Dance™ transforms emotions coming from deep within the psyche in a physically and psychologically safe and spiritually protected way. Guided by the Universal Chi overlighting Reiki, this method was developed from Gianna’s combined background in professional dance, psychology, and Eastern energy medicine study (such as Qigong).

No prior dance experience is necessary. However, there is a Reiki prerequisite for each level, which is training in Usui Reiki at that Level in any school or lineage. There is always a Reiki Class (either Level I or Level II)  held the day before every Reiki Healing Dance workshop. Minimum class size is 3. Workshop is appropriate for all fitness levels and ages from older teens upward are welcome.

Gendai Reiki Ho (Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I) Class is held the day before, on a Friday  – a full day of training w/certification offered at 25% discount when also signing up for Reiki Healing Dance.  

In Reiki Healing Dance Level I, learn the Heart Chakra Dance©, a set of three choreographed moving meditations to original music, for heart harmonization. With Level I, tune into the ‘wave of love’ and heal yourself with this safe, invigorating, and healing program and receive the Initiation and a Certificate of attendance.

In Level II, work with Reiki Symbols after you receive the Reiki Healing Dance™  and receive the Practitioner Certification enabling you to use the Heart Chakra Dance© and Reiki Healing Dance™ for healing others. After Level III, the Teacher Training, you can teach the method.

If you are interested in facilitating this course in your area, please let us hear from you.

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