Meditation Training

MEDITATION IN MOTION – A different way to move energy!

Private¬†Meditation training begins with grounding and centering followed by free form expressive movement and dance — for energy purification, spiritual awareness and emotional release. Let go of ‘busy mind’ and live more fully in the moment. Strengthen your body, Nourish your soul and experience clarity and peace.

Drawing upon ancient wellness and expansion practices from the Daoist tradition, such as the Microcosmic Orbit, and the Eight Pieces of Brocades from Qigong. Gentle, restorative wellness exercises are based upon Eastern  principles of healthy lifestyle. Basics of different styles of meditation are presented, from Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, and Reiki through classical Western ways of mindfulness training. Practice enhances balance in all things.

Meditation has little to do with concepts such as emptying mind of controlling thoughts or eliminating emotions.¬† Rather, it encourages you to allow into awareness what IS with acceptance and to practice non-attachment to mind and emotion. It creates a solid basis for spiritual work by creating a climate that allows you to observe and experience your authentic self – free from perceptions, expectations, personality, egoic mind and other hinderances – because, as it said in the Heart Sutra, “without any hindrances no fears exist.”

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