Reiki Healing Dance

Heal the mind and body – and express deep emotion – through Gianna Settin’s Reiki Healing Dance™ Certification Course and Healing Dance DVD.

As developed by Dr. Settin, Reiki Healing Dance™ merges movement with the healing spirit of Reiki, allowing the body to move where and how it needs to, interpretively, without preconceptions or inhibitions of the mind.

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Release stress. Clear blocked energy. Express feelings. Release cellular memory. Restore balance. Renew your system with this safe, active form of moving meditation. Your spirit will come out dancing! No prior dance training needed. Prerequisite is Reiki Level I & II certification (or prior to the weekend, an intensive Usui-Tibetan Reiki I&II training can be taken – see calendar).

Reiki Healing Dance transforms emotions coming from deep in the psyche in a physically and psychologically safe and spiritually protected way. This method was developed from Gianna’s combined background in professional dance, psychology, and Eastern energy medicine principles, such as Qigong. The Heart Chakra Dance, a set of three choreographed pieces, guided by the Ki of the Reiki Wave, creates happiness and wellbeing through heart harmonization.

“Stepping aside and letting the energy in to do its work allows spirit to move us in a way that brings not only healing, but fulfillment, joy, and rejuvenation.” – Gianna

Healing Dance™ DVD

Experience the power of dance as healing at home. Gianna’s Healing Dance DVD includes instruction in the Heart Chakra Dance© for use along with your other energy and meditative exercises to restore heart energy, let go of stress, and renew your system. Excellent for any age and ability level.
The ~56-minute DVD includes…

  • Heart Chakra Dance© demonstrated individually and in the classroom setting, illustrating the three aspects of healing heart energy through surrender, compassion and joy.
  • Reiki Symbol Dancing, showing interpretive and expressive movement.
  • Original instrumental compositions by Joseph Settin, Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master, senior TM teacher and singer-songwriter who recently released the CD Restless Spirit. Gianna and Joseph are sister and brother.

Healing Dance DVD cover

Healing Dance tracks
1. Surrender 3:33
2. Compassion 4:15
3. Joy 4:00
4. Power 2:53
5. Mental-Emotional 3:15
6. Distant 3:12
7. Master 2:51
8.Shadowdance 3:10