Reiki Training


NEXT SCHEDULED REIKI CLASSES:   Saturdays, 9-5pm. Choose from MAY 9th,  JULY 11th, or AUGUST 8th.  GENDAI REIKI HO, the Shoden (Level I) of Japanese Reiki. is in Silver City, New Mexico. Fee: $195. includes original 40 page manual, certificate, and everything you need to practice Reiki. Classes are kept small for maximum participation.  Preregistration Required. 

Improve your life!  Level I (Shoden) Class now being held monthly in Silver City, New Mexico.  Level II (Okuden) usually follows the Introductory Level within 3 months –  and most students go on to do this. After that, upper level training is arranged privately.

Learning Reiki is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. You feel a lightness of spirit and enjoy the well-being that comes from awakening your inner knowing. Open exchange of ideas is an integral part of the process, and questions are encouraged. Everyone goes home with having felt the harmony of “The Reiki Wave” and of balancing Chi during class. You will practice Reiki Meditation, and how to use Reiki in your life, not just learn about her primary focus in upon authentic Japanese Reiki.

Hands-on practice is emphasized in the Introductory level, along with training  in sensitivity, intention and intuition.  Even though Reiki is easy to acquire, it needs to be energetically absorbed.  For this reason, Reiki is taught over time in different levels (Level I-Shoden, Level II-Okuden, Level III-Shinpiden, Level IV-Gokuikaiden), each a prerequisite for the next. Many people have some form of natural healing ability but they have not received the transmission of Reiki if they have not received a Reiki Empowerment (attunement) from a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Shihan, in Japan).

The more advanced levels of Reiki focus on the philosophy and metaphysics of Reiki, and eventually, upon initiating others into its mysteries. On all levels, Reiki heals – body, mind and soul. It is a spiritual exploration that is life changing, based upon ancient Daoist and Buddhist teachings, that brings peace, balance and happiness to all aspects of one’s being.

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