Quotes from Gianna:

Reiki opens the heart and mind“Reiki offers a way of being in the world that overcomes physical, mental, emotional and existential/spiritual issues that cause disharmony. Usually presented as a hands-on healing method for stress and pain reduction, and a relaxation therapy that reduces worry and anxiety, it is much more than this. With Reiki the heart and mind are opened to the greater Heart-Mind of the Universe – Kokoro – in a gentle, loving way. Through peaceful meditations and healing sessions, it enhances intuition, expands a lightness of spirit, and deepens awareness.”  (Kokoro, 2012).

Reiki is simple. “Reiki training initiates you into an amazing energy source (The Reiki Wave). This practical, easily acquired way to learn self-healing and meditation that also helps others – not only physically but especially on the mental-emotional-relational level.  Reiki practice is the simplest yet most powerful approach to self-healing that I have encountered amongst the many, many methods I have studied. I am grateful beyond words for its presence in my life.” (On Learning Reiki, 2011).

Reiki brings harmony“We are multidimensional beings — not separate physical, emotional and spiritual parts — we are greater than the sum of our parts, an amazing energetic vibrational network. There is no linear time or space. So the whole deal is about balance (not about polarity, about equilibrium) so that there is not too much energy (Ki or Chi) or too little, for optimization of your unique energy system. In Eastern medicine, it would means the free flow of energy in the meridians, the yin-yang of living energy, the resonance among many disparate parts that exists in any well-functioning system. This is what Reiki does – it brings the whole living system into what feels like a joyful renewal of energy (healing) and love (harmony) and uplifted spirit.” (On Healing, 2008)

 Being in the Flow – Monhegan Island, Maine. ©2007 Gianna Settin

Reiki supports self-healing. “Having experienced many other forms of spiritual, hands-on, and distant healing from the time of a teenager, I have to say that Reiki is the most transformational kind of healing I have ever known. I feel gently supported by the rhythm of Reiki, like the ebb and flow of waves on the shore. Clarity of understanding and awareness occur during and after treatments that don’t require mental activity, and seemingly intractable emotional issues start to resolve without “working” on them. Sometimes the effect is dramatic and immediate; sometimes subtle over a few days or weeks.  Always, it is effortless if I release my attachment to outcome, and just let the Reiki work its magic.” (Being in the Flow, 2004).

Reiki is grounding. “Perhaps the most important thing that Reiki has done for me is to have brought a solid, irrefutable sense of grounding into my existence, no matter what is happening. It has consolidated all of my experiences into a frame of reference that has given me the ability to manifest what is right for me in this lifetime.  In my personal life, I have more energy every day for the things we engage in to live: survival (“career/work”; food, shelter; relationships).” (Staying Present, 2009).

Reiki connects to the Higher Self“Since Reiki I have developed a level of trust in my Higher Self that surpasses anything I previously knew in this lifetime. My background in Catholicism and Tibetan Buddhism combines easily with Reiki to the point where I do not now identify myself with any one belief system. Reiki is a unique waveform and powerful spiritual catalyst that seamlessly interfaces with one’s Higher Self. For me, Reiki is different from some other forms of healing because it works along with and draws inspiration from (not trying to change or alter) my beliefs and values. No matter who you are: young, old, atheist, agnostic, believer in God as your understanding guides you, believer in science or mind or nothing at all – it works for everyone. I have seen this proven over and over in the responses of my students and clients. We have in common one thing: we are all fellow seekers.” (On Connection, 2005).