Services, 2017-2018




Reiki – includes Intuitive Energy Healing.

Life Coaching – can be facilitated with Reiki in person or by phone. 

Animal Reiki  – your location, by donation.




Preregistration  required for all classes. Includes original detailed manual, certificate, follow-ups w/teacher, & everything needed for confident Reiki practice.

Shoden (Level I)  – Taught in 2 parts:  Friday evening and all day Saturday throughout the year, one Saturday, in Estes Park area, Colorado; and at times in S. New Mexico and N. Maine.

UPCOMING in COLORADO in Fall of 2017 ~ Three opportunities to learn Reiki: October 21;  Nov. 18; Dec. 16.  Location: near Estes Park.

Okuden (Level II) –  Taught in 3 parts: Part 1 – one day; Parts 2 & 3 each, half days (Prereq.Shoden). Fall session TBA.

Shinpiden (Level III, Master Practitioner) – Apprenticeship for up to 6 months (at least 3 full days of in-person meetings), plus phone, email and all other needed instructional support.

Gokuikaiden  (level IV, Master Teacher, Shihan) – Apprenticeship for at least 1 year, including co-teaching your first class, Reiju training; life-long follow-up.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART), one day intensive training. Gianna is highly experienced in these International Center for Reiki Training originated techniques that include a Healing Attunement, psychic clearing method and crystal grid work. Similar to first day of the ICRT Master training. Prereq. Level II.

Rejuvenate Your Reiki™  – One day retreat at beautiful private, restorative location in Nature, near Estes Park, CO. Receive Reiju and be introduced to the Reiki Mystery Teachings and authentic Japanese Reiki meditations. Opportunity to share in-depth with colleagues and learn more about advanced Reiki practice under expert guidance. Prereq. Usui Reiki Master. Note: this is not a Master Training Workshop.

Reiki with Animals – Saturday, October 21, 2017. Near Estes Park, Colorado. 

Reiki with Trees is coming soon!                                                                                        


One half of the fee is due at least one week prior to class or by pre-arrangement. If the student cancels, fee is non-refundable but can be transferred to any future classes or to private sessions. If the teacher cancels the class, which could happen if sufficient class size is not enrolled, the registration fee is fully refundable. Consideration is given to special circumstances, such as sudden illness or weather. Thank you and hope to share Reiki with you soon! Sign-up by emailing on Contact Page.